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Johnny Hebda: AMP Security Offers Summer Internship Program to College Students at Universities throughout the Western United States

AMP Security hired more than 500 college students for summer sales internships in its office locations in the Midwest and East Coast United States for the summer of 2012.   

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” are the words Joey Howell, AMP Security’s top sales rep for 3 years running, lives by.  Joey Howell was recruited from Boise State University several years ago and has become a legend at AMP and in the home security industry.  In 2011, Joey Howell set a new sales record for AMP and has already surpassed that record in 2012.  Joey says that “Sales reps always ask me: ‘What’s your secret?’   I wish I had an easy answer. The fact is that there is no secret or shortcut to this job. I have all the same tools as any of the reps. I am typically on the doors earlier than required, and I don’t stop knocking until 30 minutes after dark, without exception. I can’t control everything that happens when I’m on the doors, but I can control the amount of time and effort I put in each day. I have learned some valuable lessons through this job over the years, and if there was one thing I could pass on to my fellow reps, it’s this: hard work!  There is no substitute for it.” (
Each summer AMP Security hires college students for summer internships in its sales offices throughout the United States.  This summer AMP hired more than 500 sales reps for positions in its offices across the East Coast and Midwestern United States.  College students have the opportunity to spend summer break selling security systems to homeowners through door-to-door and referral based marketing techniques.  Sales reps earn great money in commissions made for each sale.  AMP provides company housing that its interns may elect to live in while getting to spend the summer in a new part of the country that most interns have never lived or experienced.  This year, AMP recruited students throughout schools in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada to participate in its summer sales program. (
Brett Harris was AMP’s top first year sales rep last summer. For Brett, the key to a successful summer was to stay mentally tough. His sales experience in the gym industry helped him develop that mental toughness. The success he has found in this industry has a higher satisfaction level for Brett because of the earning potential and the competitive atmosphere. He draws from the discipline he has developed over years of bodybuilding to help him more easily commit to a 6 day, 60 hour workweek all summer. Brett is willing to give up the short-term comfort for the long-term gain.  This summer Brett is managing a team in Virginia and is leading the company in total office sales.  Brett is also shattering his last year’s sales record and making phenomenal money during the 4 ½ summer months. (
Summer interns work 6 days a week, working 50-60 hours per week.  Interns practice sales techniques each day with their manager and begin the day with a sales correlation meeting in which interns participate in mock sales (commonly referred to as role plays), set goals for the day and week, ask questions of experienced sales team members, and map out territory for the coming day.  At the completion of the summer program, interns not only have made excellent money, but also have developed skills in salesmanship, communication, and increased their mental toughness and work ethic. (
Shane Hall, an Idaho resident, is one of AMP’s top sales managers, managing “Team Relentless”.  Shane is on track to shatter his best sales year of all-time.  Shane has also now made history as the 3-time winner of the AMP Annual Sales Tournament.  This is a March Madness style tournament in which sales reps across the company compete for various prizes.  It’s amazing to see how hard reps sales are willing to push themselves to battle it out in each round.  Winners of each bracket receive prizes ranging from iPods to X-boxes to an all-expense paid Hawaiian vacation.  This tournament is one of several competitions and incentives AMP offers its sales reps each summer.  Shane Hall once again defended his title as champion for 2012.  Shane states, “I would rather die than not give my all today.  I’d rather lose giving it all than win giving less.”  This attitude has led Shane to set a high bar during competition weeks that no one has been able to defeat.  Sales Reps have the opportunity to compete for various prizes throughout the summer by reaching certain sales goals and winning various competitions.  (
 “Sales internships are not for everyone.  We are only looking for the cream of the crop.  We strive to hire students that are hardworking, self-motivated, disciplined, competitive and have a strong drive to succeed.  Knocking doors 6 days a week in the hot summer sun can be grueling work.  But those that have the mental stamina and positive mind-set can make excellent money and develop skills that will benefit them the rest of their life,” says Johnny Hebda, Vice President of Sales for AMP.  Hebda started off in the summer of 2005 as a sales intern while attending Brigham Young University.  He spent his summer in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Hebda states, “It was the hardest job I had ever done, but in 3 ½ months I was able to pay for college and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle the other 8 months of the year.  In a struggling economy, there is no better opportunity a college student can have both for experience and earning potential.” (
AMP Security is excited for its record-breaking sales year and is gearing up for recruiting season, which begins in September in preparation for next summer.  AMP invests heavily into its recruitment and training program.  Students wishing to participate in AMP’s summer sales program are encouraged to apply at  Students will go through a series of interviews and trainings prior to being offered a position.  
It can be tough to leave the comfort of your own home for the summer, where many students are spending time with friends, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying their break, but those students who have what it takes and are driven to get ahead it is an excellent opportunity. They will look back on the experience, as first year sales rep Rob Dickson did, and say, “[this] was a life changing experience!” (     
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Johnny Hebda: AMP Security moves to new corporate headquarters and adds additional staff to keep up with its steady growth

AMP Security is pleased to announce its new corporate headquarters in American Fork, Utah and the additional staff members it has added as it continues to expand its sales force and markets across the US.

In a down economy, one Utah-based security company, AMP Security, has soared in growth increasing its revenue by phenomenal rates.  AMP Security, which was featured as the 5th fastest growing company in Utah County by Utah Valley Business Quarterly Magazine, has grown by 228% over a 3 year period from 2007-2010, with revenues in excess of $27 million in 2010 (

With many companies experiencing significant downsizing and layoffs, AMP founder Allen Bolen, has capitalized on the opportunity that the economy has created in the job market, “a tough employment market increases the supply of talented people for key positions,” says Bolen.  Many companies and start-ups have been cautious to enter the marketplace or nervous to add expansions to their current operations, but Bolen states, “I believe in grindstone mentality…grinding it out takes longer, but it’s the surer path. If you wait for big breaks, you may be left waiting.”
One of the keys to AMP’s phenomenal growth has been its focus on its sales staff.  AMP provides the best training, support and opportunity to its sales force, as evidenced by its incredible sales rep and office averages.  AMP averaged 108 accounts per sales rep in 2011, soaring head and shoulders above its competitors.  This was an increase from 2010 in both averages and total sales volume.   At AMP, sales reps are the lifeblood of the company and Bolen believes that one of the pillars of AMP’s success is its unique philosophy of treating its sales reps like customers. (

AMP is pleased to announce the expansion of corporate headquarters and the latest additions to its corporate staff in order to keep up with its phenomenal growth over the past several years. 

AMP Security recently moved its headquarters to North Pointe Business Park, one of American Fork's newest commercial listings. The 25,000 square-foot facility gives AMP Security increased office space, occupying the entire top floor of the building, and the ability to expand as needed.

The move to North Pointe Business Park, which is adjacent to Interstate 15 at approximately 500 East, will allow AMP to consolidate its existing two locations currently in Provo and Orem and to optimize company resources.

Ryan Lee, president and founder of AMP Security, started in summer sales in 1996 and is now entering his 13th year in the industry.  He was also named as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  He has been excited to see the unprecedented grow of AMP in such a short period of time and its expansion into the new corporate headquarters.  "North Pointe Business Park brings our company several advantages, namely more space and easy access for employees," said Lee. "This incredibly convenient, central location puts us in a position to better serve our sales reps and managers, a company focus that continues to set us apart from our competitors." (
AMP has also added several new members to its corporate staff, including Brittney Long as Compliance Director.  With the stringent regulations on the industry, Brittney ensures that AMP is kept up to date and in compliance with all state, city and municipal laws and regulations.  Byron Gifford was hired this year as Staffing Director. He assists the company in recruitment and placement of new sales personnel to offices nationally.  Lance Ferguson was also recently hired as Logistics Director to oversee housing, travel, and logistical needs of the company in all locations.

Brittney Long is a competitive and passionate individual who is motivated to serve as the Compliance Director for AMP.  She is excited to join the licensing team and joined AMP this past February.  She has worked in the alarm industry for the past four years serving in the licensing and compliance departments with other companies.  Brittney states that “My experience up to this point has driven me to reach new heights in the industry, and I look forward to serving many years with a top notch company like AMP.” 

Byron Gifford has been in the summer sales industry for 16 years.  He was previously president and partner of Eclipse Marketing.  Byron is a legend in the industry and has received numerous sales awards for building sales forces for companies nationally and increasing production, sales revenue, and profit in a very short period of time.  Byron is recognized for his exceptional talents and unmatched work ethic.  AMP is excited to have Byron on staff as it continues to expand to new locations throughout the US.  ( )

Lance Ferguson is a graduate of Utah Valley University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in finance. Out of college he was recruited into the Financial Services Industry. There he worked for Mass Mutual as a representative for 3 years, then as the Manager of Operations at a small investment company for 18 months to help finish a large investment project. After finishing up that project, he started an insurance and investment company, and ran it for almost 3 years. He is excited to come on board with AMP as the Director of Logistics. (

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